The COMMERCECON Company offers complex solutions of within the wide range light steel structures.

– The designing of steel-halls

– The construction of steel-halls

– The assembly of steel-halls

– The delivery and the assembly of other steel structures

– The general execution

We specialize in complex industrial facilities throughout the country and abroad. The core business is construction of large buildings, such as:

– Work-shop halls

– Warehouses

– Commercial halls

– Sports halls

– Social Buildings

– Logistics centres

– Car showrooms and service

– Other industrial facilities

We also offer various stages of execution of the project, for example, the execution wall cladding or roof sheathing, and delivery or assembly of steel structures.

We use modern and proven technologies, in accordance with applicable safety standards. We use only proven brands products and cooperate with reputable manufacturers of materials, to ensure in this way the highest standards of our work.

We pride ourselves on the realization of large objects, as calculated in hundreds of thousands of square feet of usable space. Thanks to the reliability and pro-consumer orientation, we are increasing our portfolio of realizations and satisfied business partners.

COMMERCECON constantly enriches its offer to meet the growing demands of Investors and adapt to changing conditions in the construction market. We are open for order processing halls for various purposes.

Each Investor can count on professional assistance of our staff in the planned investment. We offer a wide range of solutions depending on the destination object and investor expectations. Our offered projects may have different design solutions, architectural and technology. This allows the initial valuation of investments. We are focused on the economic use of steel, remembering about safety of construction and comfort.

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