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Lodz Special Economic Zone is located mainly in Lodz region, i.e. in central part of Poland and Europe, on intersection of East-West and North-South transportation routes.
In Lodz there functions one of the largest motorway nodes in the country. Road ring surrounding the city consists of motorway A1 (E75) and A2 (E30) and expressway S8 and a planned S14 route.
Extensive transportation network covers also international Lodz Airport of Władysław Reymont with a cargo terminal as well as railway container terminal with regular connection inter alia to China. Geographical location of the region and possible fast communication in any direction favour development of logistic and production centres.
Main advantages of the region:
Human resources:
There are more than a million people living in Lodz agglomeration, out of which ca. 750 thousand live in the region’s capitol. About 120 thousand students attend high schools. Every year top class specialist leave the walls of Lodz schools.
Centre of new technologies
In Lodz there functions Technopark, a part of which is BioNanoPark. This is one of the most modern research and implementation for business in Europe.
Industrial traditions
In the 19th century people started to refer to Lodz as “the Promised Land”. Central location of the city and its abundant water resources turned out to be particularly advantageous for development of textile industry. In short time Lodz became a city of manufacturers. Also today entrepreneurs from all over the world appreciate its favourable geographical location and possibility to implement business activity on preferential conditions. These days are for Lodz a period of dynamic development of sector of new technologies.