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CoBouw Polska Ltd. is a Polish-Dutch construction company. We combine international experience and worldwide achievements with the knowledge about the Polish market and its needs. We specialise in the comprehensive construction of industrial structures, which we build throughout the whole country. We are a customer-oriented company. When at the beginning an investor only has a vague idea of the future investment, we specify the needs, we present our suggestions, reply to numerous inquiries and work together to find the best solutions. Our holistic approach to projects means that we take our customer through the whole process: choosing a plot, all kinds of formal and legal procedures, the design process and finally construction.

Considering our customers’ needs we provide them with the following services:

– consultancy in the choice of a building site and land analysis

– the concept of design and visualisation of the future investments

– preparing the budget by a complex evaluation of the investment

– assistance in obtaining grants of the European Union and other financial support

– general execution of complex branch building and construction designs

– taking charge of legal formalities and procedures connected with obtaining the 

  building permit

– delivery and assembly process of prefabricated steel halls

– execution of the investment in the system of general execution, starting with ground 

  work and foundations, delivery ans assembly of steel halls, complex building works, 

  installation and finishing works.

A professional and creative graphic, design and constructional department is our strong point. During the design process we adjust our vision to where the structure will actually be and make further adjustments during the building process. It is not just the present we have in mind. We take into consideration possible changes in the future and we try to predict trends for extension of the investment.

Thanks to our team, both the managing-engineering staff and the steel constructions’ assemblers, we take full control over the process of execution of the whole investment.

The company has already managed to win recognition in the Polish market, confirmed by the Dutch-Polish Trade Award 2008 for our business activity.

Our customers are renowned Western companies: Dutch, Italian, German, Finnish, Icelandic, Swedish, American, as well as many Polish investors, including one of the biggest companies in the Polish market, Grupa Lotos S.A.

We hope our offer will interest you. All you have to do is to send us the preliminary brief concerning your investment and we will prepare a complex offer for you.

CoBouw Polska Sp. z o.o.

Gdańska 91/93 90-613 Łódź

Tel.: + 48 (0) 42 632 70 42

Fax: + 48 (0) 42 632 70 44



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