„Poland – a true special economic zone” – EY report


So far, special economic zones (SEZs) in Poland had attracted investment projects worth more than Euro 20 billion and generated 186 thousand new workplaces. However, experts emphasize that the best investment conditions will last only until 30th of June, 2014. Then, the European Union will change the rules for obtaining State Aid for less advantegous – according to EY report „Poland – a true special economic zone”. 


The activity of special economic zones in Poland has been extended until 2026 which definitely improved the perspective for new investment projects within SEZs. More than 6 000 hectares wait for entrepreneurs. 

The first half of 2014 is the best moment for investors to receive a business permit for operating within SEZ on advantegeous conditions. From the 1st of July 2014, the European Commission is changing the conditions of receiving State Aid in the European Union. Therefore, the intensity of support for investors will decrease. 

Poland – a true special economic zone

Polish special economic zone have experienced constant growth and development in 18 years of their activity. They are located on almost 16 000 hectares, have issued almost 1600 business permits, their investors have generated 186 000 new workplaces and invested more than 20 billion Euro (for 31st of December 2012).

High ratings of Polish special economic zones

Five out of fifteen Polish SEZ have been placed in the international ranking of worldwide SEZs prepared by fDi Magazine of the Financial Times Group. Lodz SEZ was one of them located 3rd in Europe and 18th worldwide. 

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Source: EY