Poland attractive for investors


fdi trendyOnce again, Poland turned out to be one of the most investment – attractive European country – according to the survey conducted by Polish – German Chamber of Commerce and fDi Report 2013: Global greenfield investment trends prepared by the fDi Intelligence that belongs to Financial Times Ltd. 


Polish – German Chamber of Commerce, Survey 2013

Poland, once again, was the most attractive Central – Eastern European country for investment – according to the 8th edition of the survey conducted by Polish – German Chamber of Commerce (AHK Polska) in cooperation with seven bilateral chambers in Poland. The survey was made basing on 21 factors deciding about the foreign capita inflow, gaining the result of 4,87 point of 6 maximum. The 2nd and 3rd place belong to Czech Republic (4,17 points) and Slovakia (3,99 points).

More than 85% of companies taking part in the survey suspect that the economic situation will not get worse in the following year, and almost 77% is going to increase or maintain the level of investment outlays in Poland!


The next survey, the fDi Report 2013: Global greenfield investment trends, was published in April 2013 by Financial Times Ltd. According to the results, the total number of foreign investments in Europe decreased in 2012 – which reflects worldwide trends. Poland and Spain were the only top European countries to experience a growth in foreign direct investments. The number of investment projects has increased in Poland by 4,87%, and its market share of capital investment grew to 6,54%. Moreover, there has been an increase (13%) in the number of workplaces created in Poland, which emphasizes Poland’s attractiveness for large – scale projects in both manufacturing and services.

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