Special Economic Zones. We take care of Polish economy



It’s been 15 years since creating Special Economic Zones (SEZ) in Poland. During this time, the Zones have become an essential tool of Polish economy development. Within their borders, Polish and foreign investors have located various investments projects. Many SEZs is taking part in strategic activities building modern economy. Thanks to SEZs, since parks, incubator and even clusters have been created.


Companies managing the Zones take active part in regional innovation strategies. They provide tools that effectively fasten development of innovative projects. They build links between science and business, teach students and secondary schools pupils how to run their own businesses. They promote enterpreneurship and open attitude to innovations.

It is worth mentioned that within Special Economic Zone 250 thousand of workplaces (and more than a billion surrounding) have been generated. 1500 new investment projects have been implemented worth more than 80 billion Polish zlotys. There are no doubts that 15 years of Special Economic Zones have had an essential influence on the transformation of Polish economy and its development. It is still much to do and acomplish, however the Zones which turned out to be an effective tool, are still willing to cooperate.