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We are the best!

Hutchinson Institute is a modern training organisation specialising in providing language courses for adults. Our goal is not only to deliver the most effective language courses but also to constantly seek new and better forms of education. Our success is based on three elements consciously linked to form the foundation of HI:


  • Efficiency and attractiveness of training courses
  • A modern and consistent approach to teaching
  • A professional team of coaches




Why are we effective?

The unique, innovative and exceptionally effective Hutchinson Methodology remains unrivalled and is improving with every passing year. Describing the method a teacher will follow when conducting classes requires assessment of participants’ language skills, personalities, perceptive skills, learning habits and many other elements.




What do we do?

We are constantly developing in order to offer our clients a wide range of training courses of diverse difficulty levels and specialisations. Many of our programmes have been recommended by the most demanding HR managers and certified by the Education Office, which attests to their effectiveness and compliance with the highest teaching standards.




Types of training:  

HI Master English programmes©

MBE Master of Business English©

Open thematic training courses

Industry-specific language courses

Training financed from the European Social Fund

Language auditing


Language courses abroad – by LISA©

Intercultural training




The team of methodologists at Hutchinson Institute has always been devoted to increasing the efficiency of foreign language instruction. By combining cutting-edge research with modern teaching methodology, as well as by using information technology in our teaching and internal training programmes, we have developed a unique work model alongside in-house programmes and implementation strategies.  All of this is done to make language learning efficient, successful and pleasant.


Hutchinson Institute 

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