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Kinnarps is largest in Europe supplier of comprehensive equipment for offices and other public spaces. With agencies located in forty countries and 200 showroom salons around the world, throughout its 70-year history, Kinnarps has become a global company meeting customers’ expectations not only for the items of furniture, but also for the entire range of related services. We offer integrated solutions that encompass the whole chain from requirements analysis through interior design and delivery of prepared solutions to the after-sales service


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The Company’s Code of Business Conduct is based on values taking into account the concern for customers, employees and the environment. Kinnarps had worked for the benefit of balance of nature long before attention was paid to the crisis in the global climate. In acknowledgment for their pro-ecological involvement Kinnarps was awarded the „Excellent Green Supplier of 2009” in Sweden.


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Kinnarps’ positionin the world of workspace interior furniture results fromthe combination of solid knowledge of customer needs, modern organization of sales and continuous product development. Most of the offer comes from seven of its own factories located in Sweden and Germany. The portfolio includes six brands. In addition to Kinnarps there are also Scandinavian brands: Skandiform, Materia and NC Nordic Care. In spring 2010, after the acquisition of the German Samas, they were joined by: Drabert and Martin Stoll. We also cooperate with domestic and international network of suppliers, providing additional specialized services in the field of acoustics, audio-video solutions, and lighting.


In Poland, since the nineties of the twentieth century Kinnarps has been considered an expert, particularly in the fields of ecology, pattern-designing and ergonomic office environment. The company employs over 70 people who in seven offices in major Polish cities (Warsaw, Łódź, Poznań, Gdynia, Krakow, Katowice and Wrocław) serve customers with expertise and experience.


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Local Sales Manager

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