PwC and Lodz SEZ: what is ahead of SEZ and why one should hurry with investments


On 12 March in Museum of Cinematography there was held a meeting „wind of change- what is ahead of SEZ and why one should hurry with investments” organized by consulting company PwC and Lodz Special economic Zone. The meeting was attended by investors and representatives of Lodz SEZ. 


The seminar was conducted by one of the leaders of the Team for State Aid of PwC, Rafał Pulsakowski, who specializes in support for enterprises applying for state aid for new production investments, implementation of innovative technologies, establishment of centres of modern services and realization of research projects. He also regularly cooperates with big group of entrepreneurs managing their economic activity in Lodz SEZ and supports them in optimal use of tax reliefs. 

Since 1 July 2014 one plans to implement essential changes concerning state aid granted in SEZ. Apart from lowering of allowable limits of regional aid one can expect new more restrictive definitions of “new investment” as well as far more demanding justification of the so-called encouragement effect. 

Entrepreneurs- taking steps in advance- can still ensure more advantageous conditions for their investment, based on currently valid rules.

In case of questions or doubts we invite you to contact experts from PwC:


Andrzej Jarosz 


pho: +48 61 851 1530 

mob: +48 502 184 608 


Rafał Pulsakowski 

Senior Manager

pho: +48 12 433 3606 

mob: +48 502 184 206 


Jacek Zimoch 


pho: +48 71 366 1265 

mob: +48 502 184 165