Visit of Japanese journalists in Lodz


On 13-15 March Lodz and Lodz Special Economic Zone were visited  by representatives of Silver Stone, a publisher of magazine about Poland „RISING Polska”. 


Arrangements concerning hosting of the guests by Lodz SEZ were made between President Sadzyński and Polish ambassador in Tokyo, Cyryl Kozaczewski, along with Chancellor Miklaszewski, during the visit in Japan in November 2013. A group of experts visited, apart from Lodz, also Warsaw, Wrocław and Silesia.

The  objective of the visit was presentation of the city as capital of fashion (Fashion Week Poland) and design as well as investment potential of the Lodz Region for Japanese companies and investors. 

During the visit one planned inter alia meeting in the Zone to present investment offer and in Lodz Regional Technopark. Additionally, the guests had an opportunity to meet representatives of Lodz Academy of Fine Arts and Lodz Film School of L. Schiller. They also visited Lodz museums: Museum of Textiles, Film Museum and Museum of the City of Lodz. 

The visitors also got acquainted with the figure of Jan Karski, well- known Lodz citizen, in connection to his 100 birthday anniversary and promotion of his biography in Japan.


The group of visitors included:

Mrs Mikiko Nakano, director and photographer, 

Mrs Kaoruko Naruoka, editor and author of articles,

Mrs Wei Liang, editor and translator. 

The project was realized within the scope of ongoing cooperation between Polish embassy in Tokyo and Silver Stone. „RISING Polska” is the first thorough publication about our country written in Japanese forming a “photo” of contemporary Poland. „RISING Polska. Vol. 2” – is a Japanese publication issued in 30 thousand copies, available in bookstores of Kinokuniya publisher. The magazine is also distributed free of charge to main decision-making centres in Japan: the Prime Minister’s Office, ministries, government agencies, local authorities and embassies, most important corporations and media.

The first issue of the magazine, published successfully in January 2013, attracted attention of many influential people and opinion-making centres in Japan. The objective of the second issue is promotion of Poland in Japan, promotion of Polish companies and institutions interested in activity in this country as well as promotion of Polish- Japanese relations. 

The visit of representatives of Japanese media fits into Lodz Special Economic Zone’s work towards continuation of promotion of economy of the Zone and Lodz in Japan.