Tomasz Sadzyński – the leader of the future


Magazine „Teraz Polska” organized a series of debates titled „25/25. Youg leaders for start”. Invited experts chose 25 young leaders, among which is Tomasz Sadzyński – Lodz SEZ’s President of the Board. 

 In the year of anniversaries – with the most important one: 25 years of free Poland, among various summaries, there is a lack of answer – what next with Poland? Are there, among our generation, leaders who soon will be able to provide Poland with dynamic growth and new quality?

The experts of Teraz Polska Competition chose 25 young leaders (up to 40 years old) who will try to discuss various issues: visions of the future Poland, the biggest challenges for the country and the factors of their personal growth. 

Tomasz Sadzyński, the President of Lodz Special Economic Zone’s Board is among the 25 people who can shape the future of the country. The assumption is to leave the list open. Basing on the activity and achievements of the leaders it will be updated.