World Investment Report 2014: lucky 13 for Poland


Poland maintained the leading position among the most perspectives FDI destinations in the world. Moreover, according to the World Investment Report 2014 prepared by UNCTAD, the country has improved its position reaching the 13th place.

The global premiere of UNCTAD report has been held in PAIiIZ on 24 June.

According to UNCTAD, the global inflow of FDI is improving. However, it has not reached the pre-crisis level. While the position of the EU is decreasing, the growing importance of developing countries is easily recognizable. They belong to the top 20 most popular FDI destinations in the world. In the pre-crisis 2007, the EU was both the biggest global investor and the most important investment host in the world. In 2013, the EU27 has invested abroad 20% of the value of EU FDI from 2007. It has also attracted FDI worth 28% of investments form the pre-crisis period. Moreover, the share of EU in global FDI outflow decreased from 55% in 2007 to 20% in the past year. So was the share of the inflow, that decreased from 40% in 2007 to 20% in 2013.

In case of Poland, the results of UNCTAD report are based of NBP data, which not only assess new greenfield investments, but also estimates the value of capital in transit or mergers and acquisitions. Therefore, the value of FDI inflows to Poland in the past year – $ 6 billion should not be a cause for concern. “Poland is the sixth in Europe in terms of the value of greenfield investment projects in 2013″, said professor Zbigniew Zimny, the UN expert on FDI. – The country is still the most attractive localisation for FDI projects in the region and one of the most attractive in Europe” – he added, commenting on the UNCTAD report.

According to the UNCTAD survey that was conducted among the top managers of global companies, Poland will maintain the position of the world’s leading investment destination in 2014  -2016 period. The country has improved its position from 14th (held two years in the row) to 13th in 2013. Poland – as the only state from the CEE region and one of five from the whole Europe – belongs to the world’s top 20 investment locations.

source: PAIiIZ

the full report: UNCTAD