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„Chudzik i Wspólnicy Radcowie Prawni” sp. p. is a dynamically-evolving law firm whose partners have been providing services in legal counsel since 2005. The law firm’s staff comprises legal counselors, tax attorneys and associate legal counselors who, thanks the education and the trainings they have undergone, as well as the experience they have amassed while working in their profession, guarantee the highest possible quality of legal services.

The law firm specializes in the broad sphere of economic law. Its services are directed primarily at entrepreneurs, both those operating within international corporations and small family businesses. The broad range of its services also includes actions related to introducing foreign-based investors into the domestic market and providing them with complex legal services. 

The law firm’s major areas of operation include: economic law, including company law, civil law and the code of civil procedure, as well as counseling with regard to real-estate law, in particular as it regards the settling of the legal status of given pieces of real-estate, construction law, including also the provision of legal counseling to developers, tax law and tax optimization employing the use of off-shore structures, labor law, public procurement law as well as bankruptcy and rehabilitation law.  

Our legal services are provided in Polish, English and German. 



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