Lodz SEZ – the best Zone for SMEs in Europe!


According to the Global Freezones of the Year 2014 ranking published by fDi Magazine, Lodz SEZ is the best SEZ in Europe for SME sector.

The award was given by the prestigious British magazine that belongs to the Financial Times Group. The jury took into account the number of Lodz SEZ’s investors (large and SMEs), incentives offered by the Zone and additional activities aiming at attracting foreign direct investments. 

– The award confirms Lodz SEZ’s unique offer as well as dedicated and creative approach to SMEs, which amount to 50% of the total number of the Zone’s investors. I believe that there are various factors behind such a success: financial incentives, state aid higher for SMEs sector and, first and foremost, engaged and effective team, work culture and post-investment care of a dedicated Lodz SEZ’s employers we provide our investors with. The aim of our activities is for Lodz SEZ to become the leader of integrated services and solutions for business – comments Tomasz Sadzyński, President of Lodz SEZ’s Board.

It is worth reminding that Lodz SEZ puts a great emphasis on SMEs in the Region of Lodz. The sector finds it more difficult to exist and develop on the market. Hence, Lodz SEZ has additional incentives for these companies, such as higher level of state aid for SMEs, support of the Project Manager who helps the enterpreneurs throughout the whole investment procedure, contact with local authorities and business partners and provides them with post-investment care highly appreciated by the companies. In Lodz SEZ, SMEs can also look for special investment sites, up to 0,5 ha located in different subzones in the region. 

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