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GSI GROUP is a training and consulting company which has been on the market since 1996.

ZGrodzki zdjWe design individual training programme for managers and employees of companies that allow them to overcome obstacles and obtain superior results.

We conduct training and teach skills for different sales sectors for of many companies and organizations in the field of Leadership, Change Management, Technology Sales, Negotiation, Sales Management, Construction Strategy, Team Building and Customer Service.

GSI Group specializes in improving business results through a unique, engaging and inspiring training solutions. In each participant we create a positive mindset, we help to take the winner’s attitude and benefit from a change in behavior, the way to addressing the challenges and fully exploit their potential.

As a franchise holder on the Polish market Crestcom International has the right to conduct a renowned Academy of Bullet Proof Manager. This programme improves leadership and managerial skills. It emphasizes the involvement, participation, teamwork and leadership skills development. Crestcom training program has been designed in such a way as to increase the managerial skills necessary for directors, managers and team leaders.

Based on the license TetraMap International we conduct comprehensive training enriching the company’s operation by improving the efficiency of individual employees, communication and cooperation in teams. Showing the diversity of different types of business environment we reveal the sources of conflict and point out effective strategies to support the implementation process of change.

We are the partner of The Tas Group implementing sales strategy and methodology, increasing the company’s competitiveness by managing the sales cycle. Target Account Selling programme provides the participants with a number of tools and processes that enable effectively evaluate sales opportunities, develop winning strategies and gain customer in a highly competitive environment, identify key decision makers to define strategies and customer relationships.