Poland Prize: Re_source


Re_source (Poland Prize) is the next (fourth) acceleration program of Lodz Special Economic Zone. This time we go a step further and provide support and services for foreign startups in the field of starting operations in Poland (soft-landing), development and acceleration in cooperation with chosen Business Partners.

Purpose of the Poland Prize program is to strengthen the Polish startup ecosystem by transferring innovative ideas, business culture and talents from abroad and creating the image of Poland as the country of first choice in Central and Eastern Europe for running a business by foreigner.

Re_source provides comprehensive support at three stages of cooperation:

  1. re_locate, i.e. soft-landing and development support for startups lasting up to 3 months, for which up to PLN 50,000 (about EUR 12,000) of financial support can be obtained.
  2. re_act, i.e. acceleration in cooperation with a chosen Business Partner, access to business, industry and investment mentors for cooperating startups and infrastructure dedicated to each of the leading industry paths. The product / service development period may last up to 10 months with financing of up to PLN 250,000 (about EUR 59,000).
  3. re_ach, i.e. post-acceleration activities related to the promotion and presentation of collaborators startups among the network of the Lodz Special Economic Zone (about 300 investors).


Industry paths of the program:

  • IoT and 5G (Industry partner: Ericsson),
  • martech (Industry partner: Bluerank),
  • beauty tech (Industry partner: Indigo Nails),
  • Energy (Industry partner: EEC Magenta fund),


Planned effects:

  • 2 rounds of acceleration,
  • support for at least 38 startups,
  • at least 4 business partners,
  • financial aid up to PLN 300,000 per startup,
  • nearly PLN 11 million for new companies that will contribute to the growth of innovativeness of the Polish economy


Project value Re_source: Global Acceleration Venture.

The total cost of the project: 13 050 760,00 PLN PLN. Co-financing PLN 12 546 968,00 as part of the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Program Intelligent Development 2014-2020, Measure 2.5 Acceleration Programs – Poland Prize of Priority Axis II: Support for the environment and potential of enterprises to conduct R&D&I activity.

Website: https://startupspark.io/en/homepage-english/



Director of Innovation Department
Magda Kubicka, magda.kubicka@sse.lodz.pl, tel: +48 607 779 755

Project Manager Re_source
Katarzyna Haase, katarzyna.haase@sse.lodz.pl, tel: +48 691 400 083