Tender procedure – Tomaszów Mazowiecki


Lodz Special Economic Zone Joint-Stock Co.
90-349 Lodz, 22/24 ks. Tymienieckiego St. 
tel. 42 676 27 53, 676 27 54, fax 42 676 27 55


as the company managing Lodz Special Economic Zone, invites to a tender procedure aiming at selecting an entrepreneur who:

  1. will receive a Permit for carrying out a business activity within Lodz Special Economic Zone, the Sub-zone Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Area 4 and
  2. will be able to buy an un-built real estate situated in Tomaszów Mazowiecki at Zawadzkiej – Orzeszkowej St. geodesic area 2, described as plot No.:262an area of 6,5794 ha, for which land and mortgage register is held, No. PT1T/00061694/5on which the business activity will be conducted. 

The real estate, which is the subject to the tender procedure, is owned by the City and Commune of Tomaszów Mazowiecki and is free from any encumbrances and obligations for third persons.

For the real estate offered local plan of spatial development does not bound. On the basis of the change in the study of conditions and directions of spatial development of Tomaszow Mazowiecki, confirmed by the resolution No. LI/445/09 of the City Council of Tomaszow Mazowiecki from 18th of December 2009 the real estate offered is located on the territory of a trade-service built-up, and in 10% in environmental-ecological zone – in organized green areas. Part of the plot is located on the grounds of potential flooding. In the land and buildings registry of the City Tomaszow Mazowiecki, plot No. 262 is classified as agricultural land (RV RVI, PSV).

The opening bidding price of the real estate is: 2.214.000,00 PLN + TAX binding in the day of the sale.

Minimum bid increment – 1% of the opening bidding price – which is: 22.140,00 PLN

The price from the tender, reduced by the deposit (vadium) charged before the tender, is paid once before signing the agreement of alienating.

 Deposit (vadium): 440.000,00 PLN

Taking part in the tender are conditioned by:

1.the purchase of the „Specification of essential conditions of the tender” (20.000 PLN + 23% VAT). The „Specification of essential conditions of the tender” can be purchased in the office of the Zone, in Lodz, 22/24 Tymienieckiego St., by settling a non-returnable payment at the amount of 20.000,00 PLN plus 23% VAT in the account of BRE BANK No.: 97 1140 1108 0000 2030 2200 1001. The interested Bidders can obtain further information at the above address or by phone No.:275 50 60, 275 50 65, office hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4 p.m. (every day except Saturdays and Sundays).
2.and by paying deposit (vadium) in the amount mentioned above by 13 September 2012 at the latest, to the account of the city council Tomaszów Mazowiecki: Bank PEKAO S.A. I O/ Tomaszów Mazowiecki No.: 38 1240 3145 1111 0000 2778 8231.

The deposit paid by the Bidder who wins the bid shall be credited towards the purchase price of the real estates. The deposit is to be forfeited if the Bidder who wins the bid will be evading to enter into contract of purchase of the real estate from the City and Commune of Tomaszów Mazowiecki or if the Bidder who is the foreigner will not obtain permit of the Minister of Internal Affairs for the purchase of real estate.