Are you planning to build a new plant? Expanding an existing one? Or are you planning to establish a Shared Service Center? Get our help and reach for income tax exemption. All you need to do is to follow a few steps below.

    1. Choose the location of the investment. The level of state aid varies depending on the location of the investment and is a % calculated on the amount of investment. The figure given on the map is applicable to a large enterprise. Medium-sized companies gain +10% to the values given, and micro and small companies +20%. An additional 10% is given to companies investing in the Belchatow region.*

That is, for example, a micro company that invests PLN 2 million in expanding a factory in Pabianice will receive PLN 1.2 million in income tax exemptions. A large company that invests, for example, 100 million zlotys in Lodz will receive PLN 40 million. income tax exemption.

*additional 10% to the amount of aid is available in the just transition area, i.e. in the municipalities of: Bełchatów, Drużbice, Kleszczów, Kluski, Rusiec, Szczerców, Zelów, Gorzkowice, Rozprza, Wola Krzysztoporska, Dobroszyce, Gomunice, Kamieńsk, Lgota Wielka, Ładzice, Radomska, Działoszyn, Pajęczno, Nowa Brzeźnica, Kielczygłów, Rząśnia, Siemkowice, Strzelce Wielkie, Sulmierzyce, Widawa, Złoczew, Konopnica, Osjaków, Ostrówek, Czarnożyły, Wieluń, Wierzchlas and cities: Belchatow, Radomsko, Piotrkow Trybunalski.

      1. Contact us before you start your investment! We will verify promptly if your      investment plans are eligible.
      1. You can get a tax exemption if you are planning to:establish a new production facility orre-investment, i.e.: an increase in production capacity, diversification of production or a modification of the production process.
      1. The following companies can benefit from the LSEZ’s support: manufacturing, warehousing services, and modern business services. Call us to tell us what you specialize in. We will verify if you can apply for support.
      1. Quantitative and qualitative criteria must be met. Quantitative criteria tell you the required minimum amount of investments to apply for assistance. The amount depends on the size of the company and the location. The minimum for new investment is PLN 200 thousand, and for reinvestment – PLN 100 thousand.
      1. In case of reinvestment, the minimum investment value threshold is reduced by 50%!
  1. Qualitative criteria include having SME status, investing in RES, cooperating with vocational schools, organizing internships and apprenticeships, etc. The qualitative criteria that you will undertake to meet are numerous, and you can select them to correspond to your business and plans.
  1. Remember that we have a wide base of investment sites and ready-made properties for both industry and the service sector
  1. We provide substantive assistance in the investment process, i.e. we mediate and facilitate contacts with local governments, offices issuing the necessary orders, with the operators of all networks, with consulting companies. Our support does not end with the issuance of the granting decision. You can also count on us during and after the completion of the investment.
  1. Obtaining public support in the Lodz SEZ does not require many formalities. The application is both short and transparent. Our experts are available at every stage of the investment process. 30 days – that’s enough for an entrepreneur who wants to develop and meet the formalities to receive from us a Decision on Support allowing you to benefit from PIT/CIT tax exemptions.

Information meeting with the LSEZ

Consultations and preparation of documents

Submitting an application for support

Verification and evaluation of documentation

Decision on Support

  1. If you already know where you want to expand your business its best to contact us and talk about how we can support you.
    Free investment hotline 800 800 280, you can also find us at