Łódzka Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna

Planning an

Are you planning to expand by building a new plant? Are you dreaming of a new industrial park? By investing as little as 100,000 PLN, you can receive support from the Łódź Special Economic Zone (LSEZ). Contact us and start planning the development of your company today!

Investment hotline: 800-800-280

Tax exemption

Benefit from PIT/CIT income tax exemption. It's a simple support mechanism that guarantees a tax exemption of up to 70% of the investment value.

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Investment areas

We offer a wide range of investment sites, industrial parks and properties tailored perfectly to the needs of our investors. We design and equip industrial zones in cooperation with local governments.

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and innovation

We create an environment for communication and collaboration between investors, partners and startups. We provide access to knowledge, innovation and state-of-the-art technology trends. Our portfolio includes one of the first smart factories in Poland.


Acceleration programmes

We successfully combine startups' potential with the experience, infrastructure and resources of a mature business. Having completed four accelerator programmes, we have supported over 200 Polish and foreign startups and created innovations and technologies for Industry 4.0. We have provided them with more than 30 million PLN to develop their products and test them under the watchful eye of business partners.

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Re_connect - business development and innovation hub

Behind the designer façade of the building adjacent to the current headquarters of the LSEZ is a space that is reinvented, tailored and ahead of the needs of creative professionals – a multimodal HUB for business development, investment, encouraging innovation and modern technology, as well as networking in the spirit of the motto: let's connect. A new service will be available at Re_connect - Blockchain Centre, one of the main areas of activity for which will be know-how transfer for IT developers. We work intensively on creating a digital twin of Re_connect's space offering using the metaverse trend (The Digital Alley). We are the only economic zone in Poland that has embraced metaverse technology and is developing an offering featuring it for business. Launching in May 2023.

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Rethink Digital Hub

Re_d – Rethink Digital Hub – is the LSEZ's initiative, implemented jointly with CIC Warsaw, with its headquarters based in the Varso office building in the centre of the capital. The hub is a consistently built ecosystem of experts, specialists and enthusiasts of innovative solutions who set leading trends in the metaverse, blockchain or digitalisation in the broadest sense. The Rethink Digital Hub is where the Digital Transformation Hub – within the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) network, supported by the European Commission and EU member states – will be implemented from Q1 2023. EDIH status has been granted to only 11 organisations from Poland, including Rethink Digital. Those will be the ones to be assisting small- and medium-sized companies in their digital transformation in the near future.

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Discover our comprehensive business support services: subsidies for companies affected by Brexit, dedicated technical training for employees, staff education for Industry 4.0, business networking and a modern conference space with an industrial focus.

Investment hotline: info@sse.lodz.pl

Re_Open UK

Re_Open UK is a programme that will assist Polish entrepreneurs in levelling the negative impact of Brexit. Due to the reserve of nearly half a billion PLN, entrepreneurs would be able to enhance their presence in foreign markets, diversify their business through new investments or adapt to new terms of trade with the UK through training and consultation.

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Technical School of Automation and Robotics

Probably the most innovative school in Poland and certainly the only faculty that educates automation and robotics specialists. The technical school was established by the Łódź Special Economic Zone and its investors (Tubądzin Ceramics, Miele Technika and Delia Cosmetics). It is a response to the employment needs of Industry 4.0. The Technical School of Automation and Robotics' students are taught in a dual mode, with practical classes under the guidance of the Łódź University of Technology personnel in its laboratories and directly at investors' factories.

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Rent a conference space

Organise a conference, training or business meeting in post-industrial spaces located in Księży Młyn. Explore our offer of conference spaces. Our offer for rent includes contemporarily arranged, well-equipped conference and training rooms of various sizes, with professional technical facilities enabling you to conduct presentations and training sessions at the highest level.

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Training Zone

The Education Zone is where you can acquire the competencies of the future for the industry. Meet us, get new contacts and meet trainers and entrepreneurs. Open yourself to new opportunities and out-of-the-box knowledge!

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Re_connect - a collaborative space designed for creative professionals, dedicated to teamwork and building relationships. Its modern industrial design, inspired by Lodz's avant-garde cultural and art icons (Katarzyna Kobro, Władysław Strzemiński) with elements of plant composition, creates a comfortable space for development. The companies are welcome to cooperate in the creation of a modern ecosystem consisting of inspiring and open-minded people. We offer office space, conference rooms, a co-working area, as well as a foyer ready for a variety of events! This is an excellent place for companies in various stages of development. This is where the boldest ideas become reality.

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