Gremi Personal is an international employment agency that has been providing comprehensive services to companies in the recruitment and employment of human resources for 15 years.

It brings in employees from 14 countries, mostly from Eastern Europe, Asia and South America South America. The company pays special attention to their integration in Poland and, more recently, in Germany, Austria and the UK, as taking care of employees is the company’s philosophy.

Gremi Personal works with more than 400 companies in meat, fish, food processing, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, electronics and automotives industries.

The company has its own Analytical Centre, which conducts studies on labour migration and analyses employment trends, which helps to react flexibly to the changing situation on the labour market.

The company’s key values are:

  • large production workforce base (120 000 active candidates);
  • flexibility and ability to react to rapidly changing market;
  • company sticks to it’s obligations regardless of situation on market and any external negative factors.

For more information about the company:

Please feel free to contact us directly:

Aneta Stanuchiewicz
Manager for Strategic Partnerships
phone: (+48) 507 492 026

Our office:

Gremi Personal Sp. z o.o.
St. Wały Piastowskie 1/1415
80-855 Gdańsk
NIP: 9282077796
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